Trailmarch is a indie developed role-playing game for the Amiga computer system, harkening back to the days of Bard’s Tale and Might & Magic.

An enigmatic creator race known as the Samot shaped four worlds into existence. Each formed from a clean slate and identical to the other. Four god-like deities were also created to govern and preside over these worlds. Embodying the aspects of life, death, balance and chaos, they were left to their own devices with only one rule: no interference between worlds. Ever distant and their motives unknown, the Samot observe as the denizens live out their lives under the thumb of the demi-gods and their games of power.

The story takes place on the world known as Demus, and unfolds as the one rule imposed by the Samot is broken. The deity of death Lycis has conspired with the denizens of one of the other worlds to arrange for a cross world invasion of Demus. The amount of death caused upsets the balance tipping the scales in Lycis favor, and diminishing the power of the other deities. In light of this failure, the Samot abandon their creations.


  • Compose your own four character party with a selection of 5 different races and 6 distinct classes.
  • Characters earn experience points and level up as you progress throughout the game. Each level unlocks new abilities depending on their given class. The maximum attainable level is 20.
  • Turn-based combat featuring a movement grid adding another element of strategy.
  • Discover a treasure trove of different items and equipment to improve your party.
  • Time will pass as you perform actions in the game. Days turn to nights. Apart from requiring rest your characters will also need nourishment.
  • The storyline unfolds over the course of three acts, each ending in a epic boss battle. Apart from the main storyline there will be optional content to do.
  • Earning favor with the different factions in the game can alter the storyline and unlock content specific to that faction.