Why create a game for a retro computer system such as the Amiga?

Because the Amiga is awesome. Although we today can create nearly photorealistic graphics and massive worlds there is something compelling and charming about embracing limitations. Working with what you have. This is a place of creativity. Also, nostalgia of course.

Who are involved in this project?

Right now it’s only me (Tomas) doing everything. But i’m looking to partner up with at least one talented artist asap. Click here for more information.

How will the game be distributed?

As a set of ADF files that can be written to Amiga disks or be run in a emulator. The CD32 version will be distributed as a ISO image file.

Can I install the game onto a hard disk drive?

Yes, the game will come with an installer and can run from a hard disk drive (or compact flash card if you have a IDE adapter).

What are the minimum specs required to run the game?

An ECS/AGA Amiga computer with at least 1MB of chip ram.

Can I play the game on my CD32?

A CD32 release of the game is very likely. However, the details of what that would entail still needs to be understood. Thus it’s not a promise.

Can I play this on my PC computer?

Yes, if you use Amiga emulation software such as WinUAE on Windows or FS-UAE on Mac/Linux. However, you will require a licensed copy of the Amiga kickstart ROM (versions 1.3, 2.0, 3.0, 3.1, 3.1.4) to do so. If you own the original hardware you can dump the ROM to a file and transfer this file to your computer for use with your emulation software. Otherwise it is possible to buy a license online from Cloanto or Hyperion.

Will there be a boxed version of the game available?

Most likely a limited run, but the details for that needs to be worked out before any promise can be made.